Supporting the Pursuit

to Ending Food Insecurity

MGFC is offering a remarkable opportunity to organizations pursuing an end to food insecurity in Canada. Together, we aspire to live in a country where no Canadian must go hungry. #VisionForChange

Join us in the pursuit today.

We helped raise $130,000+

to help tackle food insecurity in Canadian communities in 2023

Accelerate your fundraising

with Frictionless Monthly Giving

Unlock Your Fundraising Potential

For just $350*, you can access three months of fundraising opportunities. We’ve made Mobile Giving effortless and accessible. Donors can now subscribe to contribute up to $25 monthly in under 30 seconds by sending a straightforward text message.

On average, an impressive 9% of donors choose to subscribe and give monthly, sharing their contact details for ongoing engagement.

*By taking advantage of this promotional offer you are saving $700.00. The cost to continue your Monthly Giving program at the end of the promotional period starts at $100/month.

Book a 15 minute call with our team to learn more and get started.

How do we make Monthly Giving Frictionless?

Donors can join monthly giving in less than 30 seconds.

Swift, simple, and impactful. Three simple ways for donors to give:

Text a Keyword

Text OFFER to 45678 to try our Demo Campaign

Text an Emoji

Text a ♥️ to 45678 to try our Demo Campaign

Scan a QR-Code

QR codes make donating simple & easy

Frictionless Fundraising

for Registered Canadian Charities

Our platform facilitates monthly donations through tax exempt billing via Canada’s wireless operators, providing a friction-free experience for donors and saving your organization valuable time and resources.

Sign up by December 1st, 2023 for only $350 to get set-up for 3 months of Frictionless Monthly Giving fundraising. This promotion includes:

Text-to-Donate via Keyword OR Emoji**
Two donation amount options
Boost your monthly donor base with monthly giving
Contact sign-up form (optional)
Simply claim tax receipts
English & French campaign options
Fundraising tracking Plug-in
Communication campaign planning templates
Training manual
Food drive best practice guide

**During the promotional period, Registered Canadian Charities will receive a set-up of: ONE Keyword AND EITHER ONE Emoji OR ONE QR-Code. Cancel anytime by emailing [email protected].

Pay 0% processing fees and receive 100% of dollars donated through MGFC, ensuring that more funds for feeding your community.

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Frictionless Fundraising

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    Straightforward and compelling

    fundraising solutions

    Create a sense of urgency

    Charities can enhance their impact in addressing food insecurity and hunger with ‘MGFC’s Display Screen Widget.’ This versatile tool allows organizations to create standalone web pages or effortlessly embed the widget onto existing pages, making it an ideal solution for running a food drive campaign supporting Canadian food banks.

    We make going-to-market simple

    Launching a monthly giving campaign has never been easier for charities. Our Launch Hub provides access to many resources, including free templates, call-to-action examples, marketing guides, and training modules. With these tools, your organization can efficiently promote your monthly giving program, contributing to the fight against food insecurity and helping ensure Canadians have access to the support they need.

    We’ve worked with

    800+ Canadian Registered Charities

    to raise over 10 Million dollars over the last 14 years

    Text HEART to 30333 to donate $10 to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank SocietyText SHARE10 to 20222 to donate to A Dollar A DayText CLUB to 20222 to donate $5-20 to Breakfast Club of CanadaText FEEDYEG to 20222 donate $10-$20 to Edmonton Gleaners Association (Edmonton Food Bank)


    your fundraising campaign

    Integrate frictionless monthly giving into your next fundraising campaign.

    Telethon & TV
    Paid Media
    Radio | Podcasts
    Social Media
    Direct Mail

    Do you need approval from your boss or board to move forward with Frictionless Monthly Giving?
    Please download our Mobile Giving Presentation and share it with your entire team.

    Frictionless Monthly Giving is


    by our participating wireless service providers

    *This offer is valued at $1,050.50 and continues in the program after the promotional offer starts at $100/per month.
    **Additional keywords, emojis, or QR codes cost $50 to set-up and $25/per month hosting.
    ***Sign-up must be initiated before December 1, 2023 to participate.

    Connect with MGFC

    Tel.: +1 (855) 643-6431

    180 Elgin Street, Suite 1100
    Ottawa, ON K2P 2K3, Canada

    [email protected]